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Doctor and Patient

Our Services

Driving Patient Engagement in a Sustainable & Scalable Manner

Care Coordination Subscription Services

Care plans personalized for every patient through real conversations about their health needs and goals.

We are a nationwide Care Coordination Subscription Service. We offer our service to providers as a white-labeled extension of their care delivery. This white-labeled, service-first approach, backed by technology only when we can prove an outcome, removes friction and allows us to be focused on patient care without any distractions. Our holistic patient-centric approach brings in Social Determinants, Devices, and Mental Health towards solving pressing challenges of Chronic Care Management.

Proactive Virtual Health

We directly engage with our patients on a regular basis. Work hand in hand to address their needs. This allows us to deliver outcomes

Technology to Scale


We build technology to offer our solutions at scale. From care plans, AI call routing, immutable record keeping and more.

Scalable Services


We have a sustainable business model which allows each step we take to be reimbursable and thus scalable. A singular focus on the patient and delivery of services drive proven outcomes.

Augmented Patient Experience


Building on first principles, we take the current state of patient care and use technology to augment and extend our relationship while capturing critical data.

Behavioral Health Treatment

Customized, high-quality psychiatric and psychological care to patients from the comfort and convenience of their home.

Understand how our customized Customer Care Services can impact your patients' experiences.

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My patient lost his house in Harvey and was living with his daughter. He needed support to find a house. Continuity's staff found a section 8 program for rental assistance. They conveyed the information and guided the patient through the process. The patient allowed the patient a place of residence based on our services.


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