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Healthcare shouldn't 

end when patients

leave the doctor’s office.


With our Care Coordination Subscription Service, you have a dedicated, 24/7 care team that operates as an extension of your

Primary Care Provider.

Delivering Outcomes One Patient at a Time

Healthcare in the US costs over $3.3 Trillion or 18% of the GDP. Of this, more than half is spent by Health and Human Services (HHS). Over 80% of healthcare costs are attributed to chronic diseases and behavioral/mental health. These need proactive care to keep under control. 

Continuity Care is transforming Healthcare One Patient at a Time by working closely with Providers, Patients, and Payers. 

One of the biggest changes to affect the healthcare industry in the last few years is the movement toward population health management. Previously, healthcare professionals were focused almost exclusively on treating acute episodes, which left little time for holistic evaluation and follow up. Although today there is a greater focus on prevention and management, outcomes have often not reflected this shift, leaving patients in the lurch.

We saw what was missing: Real conversations with patients to work with them on their health goals. Our care plans are personalized for every patient and so is our relationship. 

In addition to care coordination, we have also added Behavioral Health Treatment to our services package, allowing us to provide customized, high quality psychiatric and psychological care to patients from the comfort and convenience of their home.

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My patient lost his house in Harvey and was living with his daughter. He needed support to find a house. Continuity's staff found a section 8 program for rental assistance. They conveyed the information and guided the patient through the process. The patient allowed the patient a place of residence based on our services.


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