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Continuity Care is redefining the provider-patient relationship through engagement initiatives, increased access to support, and a consultation model that allows for unprecedented understanding of each patient's unique needs.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Ending Gaps In Care

Studies indicate that a leading cause of poor outcomes in chronic health management is the absence of follow up care. Our focus on driving true patient engagement and provider partnership is changing this paradigm, and over 23% of our encounters result in follow up visits to their PCP.

Prescription Drugs

Medication Adherence

Medication adherence can have a more direct impact on patient outcomes than the specific treatment itself; it is estimated that adherence to chronic medications is about 50%. Our services engage patients with consistent check-ins and prescription refill reminders to help form good habits and maximize treatment outcomes.

Doctor's Office


Our doctors and health care professionals help determine when an in-person visit would be beneficial and can schedule an appointment during the same encounter, preventing patients from falling through the cracks.

Cataract Surgery


Understanding the treatment spectrum can be challenging, but monthly check-ins with knowledgeable professionals means a more informed diagnosis and the ability to send patients to the specialist required. Our focus on engagement has resulted in 21% of all our patient encounters ending in a specialist referral.


Behavioral Health Services

Our experienced team will work with patients to create a custom behavioral health care plan and provide high quality psychiatric and psychological services. Our services aim to provide the patient with the help they need to achieve full body and mind wellness. 

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